Our Quality Management


PT. SIG ASIA takes food safety and quality issues seriously. We have taken measures to be certified as HACCP (Hazard Analyses Critical Control Point) and compliant. Adhering to international standards of hygiene and freshness, we ensure that temperature and hygiene levels are kept under control, with no compromise in quality, so you get only the best.














Committed to producing tuna of the highest quality and we have implemented a number of programmes to ensure that we maintain this standard throughout our operations. Knowing the importance of HACCP as an effective means of ensuring food safety and complying with new legislation, we at SIG are fully dedicated in acheiving this goal.


We strive to accomplish this primary objective by:


-Management conscientious effort in adhereing to strict practices of the system


-Assuring that all products are processed, stored, packed and delivered in all manner which will assure the consumer a safe and suitable product free from microbiological and/ or chemical contaminants


-Ensuring adequate safety controls are in place, records well documented, maintained and reviewed


-Ensuring all operation staff receive comprehensive training in aspects of hygeine relating to their scope of work


-Compliance with relevant legislation and sanitary accomodation


-Reviewing our assessment control, monitoring and upgrading procedures periodically, and whenever the operations change



Main steps of  control

1. Hazard Analysis and Preventive Measures

2. Identification of Critical Control Points
3. Establish Critical Limits
4. Monitoring Critical Control Points
5. Corrective Actions
6. Record-Keeping Procedures
7. Verification Procedures 

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